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Winter wonder-what-the-hell-just-happened-land

Today was sunny, and temperatures hit the mid-40’s. I even ventured outside to do 100-meter sprints on the American University track in the afternoon. It was sweet. But two weeks ago D.C. looked like this:

D.C. blizzard of '10

Then the aftermath:

D.C. blizzard of '10


D.C. blizzard of '10


D.C. blizzard of '10

We all hope it never does look like this again. Ever.


Why Web Design Rewind?

Good question.

This will basically serve as a place where I start documenting the history of the World Wide Web. Sometimes it’s fun — for me, anyways — to see how design and online human behavior has changed over the last couple of decades.

Yet there are some aspects of the World Wide Web that have not changed. I will point these out too. (An example? Photos. Everyone loves photos.)

Also, I enjoy online media and writing in general. I will probably explore a variety of topics because, like most people, I have many interests.

My goal is to post several times a week. Can I keep up? We’ll see.